“Swollen feet ordinarily happen at the season of pregnancy or because of foot/lower leg damage or edema. Edema is essentially swelling that is caused by liquid maintenance i.e. at the point when abundance liquid is caught in the body’s tissues,” says Dr. Maninder Singh, Sr. Advisor Orthopedics, Indian Spinal Wounds Center (ISIC). It is awkward and difficult. “At times swelling can show an issue, for example, heart, liver, or kidney malady. On the off chance that your lower legs swell up at night, it could be because of right-sided heart disappointment,” says Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, Clinical Tasks and Coordination Administrator at Baidyanath. Swollen feet are normal and more often than not cause for concern except if they are side effects that could flag a genuine medical issue. Pregnancy could likewise be one reason of swollen feet, which is for the most part thought to be typical. In any case, if there should arise an occurrence of over the top swelling, do counsel a specialist to guarantee speedy finding and treatment. On the off chance that the swelling holds on for not more than a few days, you can utilize these home solutions for relieve them.

Here are some approaches to adapt normally to five home solutions for swollen feet –

1. Shake Salt to The Save

Dr. Ashutosh Gautam recommends, “Absorb your feet a can of tepid water with shake salt to dispose of irritation.” Dr. Maninder Singh says, “Don’t utilize high temp water as it will make the swelling increment.” Utilize this cure every day two times per day till the swelling doesn’t die down. A squeeze of salt can do marvels to your feet and alleviation from the torment and swelling. Ensure you utilize just shake salt, which is said to be an unadulterated type of salt, which can enable you to get most extreme advantages.

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2. Grapefruit Basic Oil

“As indicated by numerous examinations, grapefruit fundamental oil is an incredible method to diminish swelling,” says Dr. Ahuja. In a steaming shower, include a couple of drops of grapefruit basic oil and simply unwind. You can likewise add it to a basin of tepid water and drench your feet. Grapefruit has antioxidative properties that assistance lessen the torment and swelling in the feet. The oil is known to have mitigating and diuretic properties that assistance lessen swelling amid pregnancy.

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3. Cucumber and Lemon Water

“Increment your liquid admission to weaken the salt in your framework. Rather than simply drinking water to flush things out, include a couple of cuts of cucumber and lemon to the water and appreciate,” says Dr. Gautam. Both these organic products have mitigating properties and will enable you to dispose of swollen feet. Here and there, swelling can happen because of exorbitant liquid maintenance in the body. Extraordinary compared to other approaches to diminish swelling is to convey cucumber to your protect. The supplements exhibit in cucumber help discharge exorbitant water in the body, inevitably lessening swelling.

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4. Load Up On Watermelon

Dr. Ashutosh includes, “Eating on crisp watermelon will help lessen swelling in your feet. Watermelon is an incredible diuretic as it contains 92% water and empowers pee.” Watermelons are regular diuretics that assistance lessen water maintenance, additionally diminishing swelling in the feet. Ensure you stack up on watermelons in the sweltering warmth and guarantee sound feet.

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5. Coriander Seeds

This is a well known Ayurvedic treatment for swollen feet. “Coriander seeds are mitigating in nature and lessen swelling,” says Dr. Ahuja. You should simply add 2 to 3 teaspoons of coriander seeds to some water, and bubble it until the point that the amount lessens significantly. At that point strain the arrangement, let it cool marginally and drink up. Rehash two times per day.

Other Extra Tips:

Back rub Your Feet: “A foot rub makes weight on the influenced region and enhances blood flow, unwind muscles, and supports overabundance liquid waste which brings about diminished swelling. Tip: Delicately knead the territory for 5-10 minutes an upward way, as opposed to descending,” says Dr. Ashutosh Gautam.

Raise Your Legs: With regards to swollen feet, gravity isn’t your companion. “Raise your legs on a pad to unwind your feet,” prompts Dr. Maninder Singh. Take a stab at lifting your legs over the level of heart each shot you get. Notwithstanding propping them somewhat higher can have a major effect and lessen swelling.

Evade Salty Nourishments: “Overabundance salt is a major supporter of swollen feet, so decrease your salt admission,” says Dr. Ashutosh.

Exercise: “Abstain from sitting for extended periods. Take short breaks and stroll around a bit,” exhorts Dr. Manoj Ahuja, Fortis Clinic. Exercise can help enhance blood flow, reduce swelling and soothe torment.

What is Swollen feet? What are the remedies!